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Our History

In June of 2020, sixty Indianapolis women attended a backyard gathering one evening, which featured a local radio personality as the speaker. Although many of the women were only slightly or not at all acquainted, it was their common desire for a sincere discussion about the growing political polarization in America that brought them together. 

In the wake of this event, the idea of creating a volunteer-run, non-partisan organization, dedicated to hosting events intended to broaden the local political debate, was born. The goal is to energize, inspire, and mobilize those involved, as well as to capitalize on their unique experiences and skillsets to the enrichment of both the organization and the Indiana political arena.


It wasn't until the spring of 2021 that the founders decided to formally organize, in anticipation of hosting an inaugural event, An Evening with Candace Owens, held on May 27, 2021 at the Lucas Estate.  The success of this gala, put together in just six weeks for a multi-generational, sold-out, 350 person crowd, reiterated the healthy, existing demand for such opportunities.  The name First Principles Forum was selected as a reminder that a good and fruitful exchange can be had on any political topic, as long as the debater applies logic and hearkens back to America's first principles.

Is FPF affiliated with a political party?

No, all are welcome. FPF is not affiliated with a political party and does not endorse political candidates or take a political stance on issues. FPF founders seek to move beyond partisan politics and labels, choosing instead to focus on initiating high-level debates about issues, ideas, and policies.

Does becoming active with FPF require a significant time commitment?

No, FPF is intended to be an organization in which individuals may dedicate as much or as little time as they like. Some may choose to use it as a frequent, intellectually engaging social opportunity, while others may simply enjoy receiving regular communications and only occasionally attend some of the numerous opportunities available. Still others may opt to be actively involved and dedicate time to planning events, researching policies, or volunteering in various other ways. It is entirely up to each individual involved to make of it what he or she chooses.

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